Rhino Truck Bed Linings at Quality Automotive

Rhino Linings is the worldwide leader in sprayed-on polyurethane linings for truck beds, trailers and specialized applications. Unlike standard plastic drop-in truck bed liners, Rhino Linings' sprayed-on TUFF STUFF® polyurethane provides durable watertight and airtight truck bed protection. By forming a permanent bond with the surface of your truck bed, the lining prohibits rust, corrosion and surface abrasion from damaging the truck and reducing its value, performance and attractiveness. The unique flexible, textured, non-porous lining is easy to clean and doesn't crack or warp, even under the most rugged conditions. Rhino's non skid, non abrasive surface texture helps keep your cargo load in place and insulates against annoying road vibration and noise.

Additional Information:
Available in virtually any color to complement your vehicle, the attractive linings are sprayed on up to a 1/4" thick on truck beds, and can be even thicker for other applications. Paints or coatings are simply no match for that kind of truck bed protection. TUFF STUFF® polyurethane is environmentally-friendly, solvent-free and resists fuels, fertilizers, and most corrosive chemicals. When you need tough protection for your truck, Jeep®, boat, trailer, RV or sport utility vehicle...absolutely nothing beats a real Rhino. Real truck bed protection doesn't "drop in"...it sprays on. Contact us today to schedule your Quality Rhino Linings.

Quality Rhino Lings Price:
Pricing as of September 2010. Please contact us for custom quotes. Cal us toll-free at 1-877-258-3755 extension 8.
$475.00 - Full Size Truck
$350.00 - Mini or Small Import Truck
All prices above may accrue an additional cost and are quoted before sales tax*

Additional Costs:
To Line with Colored Rhino Linings (in stock) is an additional $70.00 extra.
Custom Colormatch is an additional $120.00 extra.
To add a U.V. Top Coat is an additional $160.00 extra (must be ordered 14 days in advance).

Auto Butler Paint Protection - Buff N Shine Car Polisher

Auto Bulter Car WashKeep your new car "showroom bright" with our Buff N' Shine Car polisher.

5 Year Paint Protection Warranty with Follow-up Program

Would you like to protect your vehicle from the ugly spots caused by exposure to weather, road contaminants, fallout and acid rain? Do the unsightly marks left by bird dropping and tree sap bother you? You could regularly polish your car, but that takes time and energy, plus it's costly. Why go through all that effort when there is a better way to keep your car gleaming bright? The Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection II program, with its two-step process, give you the protection you need and the shine you want - we guarantee it!

Auto Butler's two-step re-application program gives you years of warranty protection and assures a "new car finish" look that more than redeems the application cost when it comes to trade-in time. Auto Butler even sends you re-application reminders to be sure your car looks its best...all the time! Contact us today to schedule your Auto Butler Car Wash.