Gephardt Approved

Gephardt Approved Dealerships

Gephardt Approved Dealerships

When you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, or service for your present one, you might consider turning to a group of dealerships I trust: QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP in Tooele.

They sell 7 makes of cars in the group at 2 locations, and I trust all of them because we have investigated the records to see how they operate their business, and how they treat their customers. Regarding the GEPHARDT APPROVED “Auto Dealer’s Code of Ethics,” they say they’ve always followed those principles. As a result of our findings, I am proud to endorse the QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, and declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“Our whole approach is a small town approach,” says group general manager Trent Bell. “I tell everyone who works here we must not have even one disappointed customer because word would travel fast. And so, people who do business with us, even from outside of our community, find they get the same small town treatment.

“I am out to change any negative stereotypes people might find in the car industry. This is not a typical car dealership. We really are here to help people.”

Indeed, even the way QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP compensates its sales staff motivates solving customer problems, not just selling cars, says Trent. “Our sales people are not commission based. They receive a flat rate based on any car they sell. That means the salespeople are not motivated to upsell customers. We work to get customers what they need, not sell them something they really don’t want. Our sales staff will earn the same compensation no matter what the price of the vehicle.”

They even have an individual assigned to analyze every new car sale to be sure that all the rebates and discounts, even the hidden ones, go to the customer, Trent told me.

“We work to solve customers’ problems,” says sales manager Frank Serassio. “We will try to analyze the needs of a customer. For example, say a customer comes in looking for a ¾ ton truck. After we ask a few questions, we might find that the customer might do just fine with a less expensive ½ ton truck. We find out their needs, and solve their problems. We will let people purchase whatever they would like, of course. But for us, it’s not sales, so much, as fact-finding with a customer so they purchase what they need.”

And, when it comes to service, the technicians are trained to keep every car they see safe, says parts and service director Mike Neilson. “Cars really don’t break much anymore,” Mike told me. “But they do need to be maintained. It is our job to keep those cars safe, and to find anything that might be wrong. We don’t expect our customers to be the experts, we are. They need to trust us. If we can instill that trust by, for example, being sure that no customer purchases anything they don’t need, our customers will return. And that is the way it has been.”

For used cars at QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, they offer a 3 month, 3000 mile warranty on most every one that they sell. “Each car is certified by our standards,” Trent told me.

“We have a separate organization to maintain control and consistency for all of our used cars,” Mike says. “We have a check list that every car must pass before we sell it. It means, sure, we offer that warranty, but at the same time, we expect customers will rarely have to use it because the used vehicles they purchase will be dependable and safe.”

Trent adds: “Any car that does not pass our certification we sell back to the auto auction.”

“It’s all about the small town attitude,” Trent says. “We always ask ourselves what is the right thing to do. If something goes wrong, and it surprises all of us, we will make it right even if we have to undo the deal. It means we always see the same people again year after year…even people who do not live in this community. And that is nice.”

Trent says he works to keep his employees motivated and content. “You will see the same people year after year. Turnover is very low,” he says. “We encourage our employees to succeed and advance by creating a good working environment. It’s a career for most everyone. And confident, content employees pass that attitude on to every customer.”

So there you go: QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP. Now you know what our background check and investigation found about this company. Now you know something about the philosophy of the owner and managers at this company. And, now you know why I trust the people at QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

--Bill Gephardt