Meet the Staff


  • Daphne Ottoson

    Daphne Ottoson


  • Kelly Grady

    Kelly Grady


  • Teresa Busico

    Teresa Busico

    Title Clerk

  • Trent Bell

    Trent Bell

    Managing Partner

    (877) 723-8855

    Trent has wanted to sell cars since he was only 5 years old. His favorite motto to live by is "If you ain't first, you're last."  He and his family are avid soccer fans (especially girls soccer) and enjoy traveling.

  • Vonshae Turner

    Vonshae Turner


  • Wendy  Page

    Wendy Page


    Wendy enjoys her job as the Controller at Quality Automotive Group. She likes the idea of having a variety of cars all on one lot. She enjoys crocheting, horseback riding, and water polo. In her spare time, you can usually find her dusting her many leather bound books.

Chevrolet Buick Sales

  • Brent Parry

    Brent Parry

    Sales Consultant

    (866) 982-0404

  • Brent Rowley

    Brent Rowley

    Sales Consultant

    (888) 915-3311

  • Eric Brimhall

    Eric Brimhall

    Sales Consultant

    (877) 514-8866

  • Matt James

    Matt James

    Sales Consultant

    (435) 841-5335

  • Parker Burt

    Parker Burt

    Sales Consultant

    (877) 991-7070

  • Rob Lee

    Rob Lee

    Sales Consultant

    (877) 514-7711

  • Roland Goodrich

    Roland Goodrich

    Special Finance

Ford & Dodge Sales

  • Brad Kip

    Brad Kip

    Sales Consultant

    (877) 666-6050

  • Bret Allen

    Bret Allen

    Sales Consultant

    (435) 841-9562

    Bret has enjoyed selling vehicles for Quality Automotive Group for over four years. He is the on site "techie" equipped with the knowledge to assist customers with any of the electronic amenities offered with their vehicle. He loves technology. He also enjoys a diet of protein shakes, weight lifting, playing music, and oh yes, weight lifting.

  • Darryl Jones

    Darryl Jones

    Sales Consultant

    (877) 921-8877

    Darryl's friendly nature and competitive drive are what makes him one of the team's top salesman every month. He is very excited to be serving customers and doing what he enjoys. He will do whatever it takes to make his customer's car buying experience a great one.

  • Doug Dould

    Doug Dould

    Sales Consultant

    (888) 917-1188

  • Nathan Shepard

    Nathan Shepard

    Sales Consultant

    (877) 619-2211

  • Rick Albers

    Rick Albers


    (888) 483-6622

Internet Team

  • Stacie Hamilton

    Stacie Hamilton

    Customer Care

    (435) 228-1315

  • Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith

    Customer Care

    (435) 228-1314


  • CJ Norton

    CJ Norton

    Quick Lane Manager

    (435) 882-7000

  • Dave Frieze

    Dave Frieze

    Parts Manager

  • Frank Serassio

    Frank Serassio

    Chevy Sales Manager

    (888) 416-9944

  • Glen Kummer

    Glen Kummer

    Finance Manager

    (877) 551-3366

  • Jack Bell

    Jack Bell

    Fleet Manager

    (435) 882-7000

  • Jared Zacher

    Jared Zacher

    Sales Manager

  • Mike Neilson

    Mike Neilson

    Parts & Service Director

    (877) 723-8855

  • Phil Dexter

    Phil Dexter

    Sales Manager

    Phil Dexter has dabbled in sales and finance off and on since 2003. He knows that the "no pressure" sales experience Quality Automotive Group provides to their customers proves that he and his co-workers care. He enjoys hunting, camping, spending time with his family and aspires to be a roofer on the side...he will probably never get to that though.

  • Robert  Jones

    Robert Jones

    Parts Inventory Manager

  • Steve Laird

    Steve Laird

    Finance Director

    (877) 551-3366

    Steve has been with Quality Automotive Group as the Finance Director for many years, longer than most of the office furniture. He has a good repoire with his customers and goes the extra mile to get them the financing needed for their dream car. His casual demeanor and friendly attitude make him enjoyable to be around. His hobbies include air quality control, lip-syncing in church and lounging around in his silky red robe while snacking on corndogs.



Service Advisors

  • Bryon Hammond

    Bryon Hammond

    Service Advisor

    (877) 991-7070

  • Oliver Mansfield

    Oliver Mansfield

    Service Advisor

    (877) 551-3366

  • Ryan Chlarson

    Ryan Chlarson

    Service Advisor

    (435) 882-1300